We are financial planners and educators who are passionate to help clients achieve long term wealth.

Our experts have been award recipients for the Outstanding Educator award by the BCAMT Association and Ranked #1 (2014) Living Benefits Advisors with PPI Solutions with top 1% rankings from 2012 to present.

I am a Doctor

looking to implement a financial plan.

I am a Doctor

looking to implement a financial plan.

I am a Business Owner

looking to invest in my corporation.

I am a Mom

looking to review our finances.

I am a Homeowner

looking to get the right insurance.

From medical professionals, to new families, to business owners, we create financial plans that perfectly fit into any lifestyle.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday June 30 | 9:00 am

Employment Law for Dentists

Employment Law for Dentists

  1. Associate Agreements
  2. Legal Liability when Hiring
  3. Advice from J. Geoff Howard
This is an exclusive webinar for clien...

Saturday June 9 | 9:00 am

Buying a Dental Practice

Purchasing an Existing Practice

  1. How to Value?
  2. Where are the opportunities?
  3. Advice from the experts.
  Mike Suffield has been negotiatin...

Saturday June 2 | 9:00 am

Success in Your Family Medicine Residency

Success in Your Family Medicine Residency

  1. Mistakes to avoid
  2. How to start preparing
  3. Advice from Dr. David Mongar
This is an exclusive ...



Budget/ Tax/ Investment Planning

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Reducing Tax Strategies for Doctors/Dentists

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Graduating Dentists/Doctors: Allocating First Paycheque

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Feeling Stuck?

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Financial Planning for Beginners is an online course designed for young professionals who are ready to take control of their finances for long term success.