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Financial stress is one of the leading causes of anxiety, but it is a stress that can be avoided with proactive investing and budgeting.

“Financial Planning for beginners” is an online course designed for young professionals who are ready to take control of their finances for long term success!

Affordable, easy to follow financial advice.

  1. Manage Your Debt

    Learn to recognize and change learned behaviours such as your habits, past upbringing and beliefs to achieve financial success.

  2. Relieve Stress

    Relieve the financial stress that studies have show increase depression and anxiety and take control of your life.

  3. Realistic Growth

    This isn't a get rich quick solution. This course outlines practical, realistic ways manage your finances for long term success.

  4. Self-Paced Learning

    This 2 hour course is broken into 8 short and sweet videos. watch them at your own pace that works with your schedule.

Course Breakdown


Managing Debts


Buying Real Estate


Used Car Buying




Giving to Charity


Personal Insurance


Investing Basics


Retirement Planning

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