We enjoy helping our clients navigate the big decisions and transitions in their lives.

Christian Dy

Director/Senior Advisor, Educator

Christian is an award winning educator, team leader, and financial advisor. When he is not advising clients or giving financial workshops, he can be found analyzing investments and creating financial education videos for his YouTube channel.

Christian discovered his passion for helping others at a young age. He has volunteered in Africa, Asia, and continues to lead teams in Central America. When he took over his father’s business, Farwest Financial, he not only gained 40 years of experience but also brought his desire for leading a balanced lifestyle to his clients.


B.Sc Mathematics

B.Ed, MA, MBA Finance


  • 2003 Awarded the Outstanding Educator Award from the BCAMT Association
  • 2014 Ranked as the Top Living Benefits Advisor for PPI BC
  • 2010 – Present Ranked Top 1% of Living Benefits Advisors for PPI BC

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Joel Robertson

Associate Advisor

Joel is passionate about using his strength in numbers as a tool to improve the lives of others. The definition of a client is someone under the care and protection of another, and Joel takes this responsibility seriously. He leverages his background in math and statistics daily to help clients understand how the risks they take will affect their future outcomes. Joel’s work is diverse, but he has a focus on family estate planning and financial forecasting.

Joel is a scratch golfer and outdoor sport enthusiast. Giving back is important to Joel, he is a member of the Vancouver Roteract club, and is consistently involved with organizing and sponsoring charity events.



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Vicki Guzikowski

Executive and Marketing Assistant

With over 20 years experience in healthcare and client management, Vicki works hard behind the scenes to help ensure all members of the team work together to create the optimal client experience. Her attention to detail and meticulous nature help to keep Latitude West Financial running like a well-oiled machine. Vicki strives to provide the ultimate customer service experience.

A true Westcoast girl, Vicki enjoys spending her free time adventuring in the great outdoors. She can often be found out on a hike with her family or kayaking the inlets of the Sunshine Coast.

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Award Winning Advice

Some of our awards and recognitions include:

Outstanding Educator in BC Award

By the BCAMT, 2003

Top 5 Living Benefits Advisor

By PPI, BC, 2010 - 2013

#1 Living Benefits Advisor

By PPI, BC, 2014

We Believe in Giving Back to the Community.

Past Participant and supporter for projects in Africa and South East Asia:

Medical Aid for Vietnam

Institution for International Cooperation and Development

Current Team Leader for projects in Central America:

Opal House Guatemala

San Lucas Toliman